Monique Blokzyl

Monique Blokzyl is the founder of the Business Launch Portal which supports startup entrepreneurs worldwide to rocket their ideas into enterprise. Monique is also an international speaker, trainer, coach and published author. She won the Public Speaking Toastmasters competition twice on European level, and has shared the stage with motivational speakers like Sheryl Roush and leaders like the US foreign minister John Kerry and the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Her weekly Business Launch Radio show regularly attracts thousands of listeners in more than 40 countries. Monique initiated mySpeakerBusiness as she realized how challenging it is for many to get paid to speak. It is her passion to learn from the best and to share these empowering messages with the world.

    Paul Naveau

    Paul Naveau is on a mission to save audiences worldwide from presentations that are confusing and boring. His motto is “Saving good people from bad presentations.” His main weapon to do this is Prezi, using it to help them rethink the way they make presentations and communicate in a more visual way.

    Paul is the founder of Paul Presents, a company that helps people to get better results with any presentation. He teaches people to get great results with Prezi, coaches people to get better results with delivering their presentations and designs presentations for clients that help them to inspire more and even sell more. As a professor of Presentation Techniques at UIBS he teaches not just about Prezi but all aspects of giving presentations. As a starting international speaker he is a member of the board of PSA Belgium where he is active in promoting the business of professional speaking in Belgium. With this team of fellow toastmaster he’s writing the mySpeakerBusiness book and building a community to help starting speakers to build their own business.

        Dirk Löffelbein

        Dirk Löffelbein is a speaker coach based in Düsseldorf, Germany. He started speaking in public in 2002 while working as a consultant for a large international IT consultancy, mostly in the areas of telecommunications, online business and banking.
        He is now dedicated to help presenters and speakers improve their delivery. Dirk studied computer science, his passions include public speaking, learning and travelling.

            Darryl Heron

            Darryl Heron is the co-founder of the Toastmasters Podcast Europe. Darryl has been working with Olivia Schofield and the other speakers at Spectacular Speaking and is working on expanding their brand. Darryl was a Global Client Facing IT Project Manger with HP and is currently personally working through many of the questions that the My Speaker Business book will answer. Darryl has joined the mySpeakerBusiness team as a video editor, he’ll be editing the various interviews into something magical and useful.

                Dr. Kristian Rother

                Dr. Kristian Rother finished his doctoral thesis in bioinformatics at the Humboldt University Berlin. While being in Poland as a senior researcher, he co-founded Verbal Victory Toastmasters Poznan. In 2011, Kristian started as a freelance trainer. He is teaching many subjects ranging from Python software development over teaching to biochemistry. Kristian’s goal is to be as good as a teacher as possible.
                Kristian joined the mySpeakerBusiness project as a reviewer and is currently integrating the text. This will be the 5th book he has contributed to.

                    Ewa Czech

                    Ewa Czech is a speech coach, public speaker and trainer. She has worked for corporate businesses and in academic environments to empower professionals and students to communicate effectively and persuasively. Using her teaching and coaching experience, Ewa supports professionals and individuals to be authentic speakers and let their inner light and personality shine through. She believes that professional skills combined with mindfulness and appreciation work magic in both professionals’ and individuals’ lives. Within our mySpeakerBusiness project, Ewa is our connection queen, aligning with test readers as well as with our authors and interviewees….